It's time...Get Your Online Course Done

 It doesn't matter what your business is,
 having an online presence is no longer optional.
I've created a system that I wish I had when I was first going online. 
This works! 
Are you caught in a sea of overwhelm & self sabotage?  It's not your fault!

Create Your Plan

I'll help you craft a personalized outline to reach your unique target market.
I'll show you how to use strategy to put
your ideas into an online course that is easy to deliver. Also, if you think you don't know where to start, my method will take you past writer's block to flow!
I promise, you'll get your course 
outline out of your head and onto paper.

Lay it All Out

...and pull it all together.  I like to work backwards. What's the end result you want for those taking you online program? Then we factor in all that is unique to your expertise.

You've been wanting to get this out to the world for a long time.
   Now you will!

See Results

You will, in the short time we're together, create your online course outline. I guide you past the mental roadblocks and procrastination to finally finishing the foundation to your program


This is a LIMITED-TIME  $29

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 Live Online Workshop
January 31 7pm cst

What Are Attendees Saying

"I would recommend "Write Your Course Outline" workshop to others. 
It will get them clear about what they have to offer people, why they want to offer it and how to offer it."

"I got out of my head, what I wanted to put on paper for so long! Thank You, Lorrel. I loved the process and I'm no longer stuck"

"It’s simple and duplicatable"

"You kept it on track and gave great instructions!"

"I never imagined it could be so easy. I had convinced myself I'd never get my course out there. 
Thank You so much, it's like the dam has burst!"

       I struggled for years, thinking there was something wrong with me. 
  Why couldn't I just get the course done!?  
I had all the material and experience. 

Content wasn't the problem.    Every time I'd attempt to put it together, I went straight to overwhelm. 
                  Does this sound like you? 

I've discovered something...
      the way many are teaching it, does over complicate it, and I believe, (my thoughts only) that it's intended for you to struggle.
Have you invested heavily, and still wondering why you can't complete your course? 
                   You're in exactly, the right place!!

This is for you if:
- you have a big mission and a gift to share
- you've been in overwhelm for way too long
- this is your year! And it's your time to move forward
- you feel you've been struggling too long and can't
         the help you've been paying for

Write Your Online Course Outline

Fast & Easy 

  I get you! I was exactly where you are, trying to figure it out, even after paying thousands to coaches and buying programs. 
I have had great teachers, I'll be the first to admit,
I struggled with finding my ideal client. I had too many areas of focus, and I didn't want to limit myself.
Now after all the struggle, I figured out how everyone has a different learning style. 
I'll reveal in the workshop how many courses are taught in a way that you won't get all the pieces you need to finish your online course or be confident to offer your services as a coach.
   It's no ones fault, many just don't know. 
And because there is the biggest wave of people coming out as coaches, EVER,  it's only going to get worse. Many are going to be left behind. 
It doesn't have to be you! Not now. You've come too far, sacrificed too much to give up now.

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